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Tips to manage ADHD during the COVID19 pandemic

Families who have a child with ADHD can find the COVID Pandemic challenging particularly with the change in routine, social distancing and increasing stress at home and in the community. Anxiety in your child may increase or decrease depending on their needs. Parents may yet again feel guilty and blame themselves for changes which may be out of their control. Remember that stress can make behaviour worse and learning more challenging.

“Don’t blame yourself”. Remember that poor parenting can cause bad behaviour but with ADHD your child’s difficult behaviour can make good parenting look poor.


1. Be kind to yourself and manage what you can control;

2. Set a good routine for yourself and also your child, provide regular positive feedback;

3. Look after yourself by ensuring you have some down time, you are sleeping well and keep your life in balance;

4. Include your child in activities: Cook and eat healthy fresh food; spend regular time in nature (walk in your local park, bushland or close to water), play board games and/or creative games with your family, avoid using electronics whilst communicating with your child, be present when you are present;

5. If your child is on regular medication, it would be best to continue this. However if behaviour becomes more challenging consider adjusting their daily routine rather than increasing their dose of medication;

6. Enjoy the positives of being with your family, where you are not rushing to several before and after school activities, enjoy time in the present.

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